Letter to Shareholders from 4Cable TV International, Inc.

January 4, 2024

Dear Shareholders,

I trust this letter finds you in good health and high spirits after the Holidays and hope that you are ready to move forward into the new year as much as we are.  It is with great enthusiasm that I reach out to provide you with updates and insights into the exciting developments at our company, soon to be known as Category V Biotech, Inc.

Name Change Progress: We are pleased to inform you that we have submitted all necessary documentation for the impending change of our company’s name to Category V Biotech, Inc.  Currently, we eagerly await FINRA’s approval, a crucial step in our strategic rebranding process. The transition to Category V Biotech, Inc. signifies our evolution and commitment to a future where innovation and biotechnology will play a central role.

Financial Audit Initiatives: In our pursuit of excellence, we are actively seeking quotes from PCAOB accounting firms to conduct a comprehensive financial audit.  This step is integral to ensuring transparency, accountability, and the reliability of our financial information. As we embark on this process, we remain dedicated to upholding the highest standards in financial reporting.

Resilience After the CE “Hurricane” Impact:  Our company has weathered the challenges posed by a Category V Hurricane in the form of a Caveat Emptor, and we are resolute in our determination to rebuild and thrive.  Our core vision remains steadfast as we focus on becoming a prominent player in the cannabis industry.  Our objectives include cannabis cultivation, the development of cannabis facilities for craft growers, and venturing into the realms of food, beverages, and functional mushrooms where we believe the future is going.

Future Strategies and Predictions: Drawing inspiration from the insightful predictions of Andrew Kaye, Chief Commercial Officer of Sweet Leaf Madison Capital, as he wrote on his predictions for the industry in 2024, (https://mjbizdaily.com/these-trends-could-impact-cannabis-market-in-2024/) we are aligning our growth strategy with the anticipated trends in the cannabis industry.  As we work on our progress in the East Coast, we are poised to capitalize on the expansion of regulated marijuana markets and the potential rescheduling of marijuana from Schedule 1 to Schedule 3, which could bring about positive changes for cannabis companies.

Business Tiers and Requirements: Our commitment to scientific innovation remains unwavering, as we aspire to create Category V products with the potential to address and cure diseases.  Our business tiers encompass cultivation, product creation through scientific research, and the establishment of craft cultivation facilities. To achieve these goals, we emphasize the importance of scientific data gathering, analysis, and the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices in all of our companies’ branches.

Facing Financing Challenges with Optimism: While we acknowledge the challenges presented by financing constraints, we want to assure you that we are actively exploring opportunities to raise capital.  A forthcoming capital raise will empower us to pursue our objectives with vigor, driving innovation and growth in the evolving cannabis landscape.

In closing, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your continued support. We remain dedicated to our vision, and with your backing, we are confident in our ability to navigate challenges and emerge stronger than ever.

Thank you for being an integral part of the soon to be named company Category V Biotech, Inc. journey.

Warm regards,

Michael Feldenkrais CEO

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