The Timing is Right Cannabis Industry Growth

To be a leader, you have to make people want to follow you, and no one wants to follow someone who doesn’t know where they’re going.

The Industry

Current estimates predict global CBD sales will hit $40.6 billion by 2024, with the United States accounting for the bulk of the revenue at nearly $30 billion.


The cannabis industry is booming with more and more products entering the market that include products in the beauty, food, beverage, fitness, sports, and wellness industries.


USD$24.4 billion


2021 Global CBD Retail Sales Estimate

$40.6 billion


2024 Global CBD Retail Sales Estimates

“State of the Legal Cannabis Markets” Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics

Market Data

Forecast Period: 2020 – 2027:

CBD oil market is expected to witness a growth rate of 31.9%


CBD Beverages                      16%


CBD Capsules                        20%


CBD Topicals                          24%


CBD Oils & Edibles                40%



Global CBD Market Size 2021


Sources: Data Bridge Market Research Grand View Research

The Opportunity

2020: Depending on External Suppliers





Profit Margin

30% – 50%

2021:  Vertical Integration

Growth                        Production Savings                40% – 60%

Manufacturing             Production Savings                40% – 50%


Profit Margin

60% – 70%