About Category V Biotech Inc

Category V Biotech, Inc is a Miami-based company that focuses on Cannabis Acquisitions and Trading Ventures.

  • 20+ years combined experience in the cannabis industry
  • CATV ticker symbol.


Category V Biotech, Inc features first-class quality products, recognized industry certifications, and a very distinct portfolio of services.
  • Distribution
  • E-commerce
  • Private Label / White Label
  • Branding
  • Packaging Design
  • Franchise Development 
  • Made in FLORIDA, USA
  • Third-Party Lab Tested

Currently, the company is composed of the following

Hemp Cultivator

CIGN is a full-service hemp-growing facility headquartered in Homestead, Florida. We ship high-quality hemp seedlings directly to farms in all 48 contiguous states, and we grow plants to completion to sell hemp flowers and produce products out of the facility.

CBD Products Distributor

We are suppliers of an extensive line of quality CBD products and a leading source for white and private label hemp extract product solutions. Our product line consists of consumables, creams, beauty, oil, vapes, and more. We currently distribute several brands, HIP, CHAI, The Pelicann, and Get Medicated.


The name HIP stands for Hemp Infused Products. This brand is based upon a plant historically represented in many cultures by having many beneficial properties. Our line of products varies from wellness to beauty. Currently, our top product is CBD-infused Alkaline water.

Get Medicated is a brand that ensures an optimal experience with products and services related to the Cannabis plant by providing physician recommendations for Cannabis use as well as Delta-8 and other Cannabis products. We help make the process of getting your medicine efficient and straightforward. 

Florida based Can It Pods provides a simple assembly pod to create whatever type of indoor environment.  You need a house quick?  You need an office?  You want to open a restaurant?  You want it for agriculture?

Mission Statement

Category V Biotech, Inc ’s mission is to establish, develop, and expand the global Cannabis marketplace as a vertically integrated hemp and marijuana company. By executing intelligent strategic acquisitions and partnerships, leveraging groundbreaking intellectual property, and ensuring a well-informed and consciously managed operation, Category  V Biotech, Inc connects people to affordable, quality Cannabis to help heal the world.

Hard Work

Nothing worth anything is ever easy. We acknowledge that accomplishing our mission will take grit, determination, early mornings, and late nights. Hard work means persistence and never giving up. It means brushing ourselves off when we fall and helping each other succeed - especially when it isn’t easy.


We value people and we reciprocate with those who value us. Loyalty means we’re in it for the long term and that we value those who take this journey and believe in us. We expect to treat others with service, courtesy, and in a manner that has our reputation as one of consistent trustworthiness, reliability, and honesty.


Our word matters. Integrity means doing what we say we are going to do, the way others expect it to be done, when we say we’re going to do it. We don’t make excuses, we get responsible for who we say we are. We value integrity because it fundamentally creates accountability and functionality as a foundation of our business.


We shift the paradigm by thinking outside the box. The only constant is change and we understand when designing, implementing, and operating our business, that being on the cutting edge of new ideas helps us stay one step ahead of the competition and create groundbreaking opportunities in the marketplace.


Diversity defines our company’s essence and culture. We are unapologetically who we are. When we speak, we speak truthfully and with purpose that includes a variety of backgrounds and collaboration.

Category V Biotech, Inc

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading global conglomerate in the Cannabis industry ranging from genetics, cultivation, compliance, research, retail, and global distribution both online and offline