4CAble TV International, Inc. Announces it has begun the process for its Name Change to Category V Biotech, Inc.


4Cable TV International, Inc Announces it has begun the process for its Name Change to Category V Biotech, Inc. Following Successful Resolution of Caveat Emptor Designation

[Miami, FL 11/27/2023] – 4Cable TV International, Inc (OTC: CATV) is pleased to announce a pivotal moment in its corporate history as it commences the formal process of changing its name to Category V Biotech, Inc.  This strategic decision comes on the heels of the successful removal of the Caveat Emptor designation that the company has diligently navigated for the past two-plus years.  Please note that the name change process requires approval from the State of Florida Division of Corporations and FINRA, and we appreciate your patience during this period.

The recently removed Caveat Emptor designation that had applied to our common shares, akin to a financial storm, had been our Category V “Hurricane”.  We commend our shareholders for their unwavering support and patience during this challenging period relating to the pendency of that designation.  This name change signifies a new chapter for our company as we transition to Category V Biotech, Inc, reflecting our commitment to innovation, growth, and resilience.  Through the diligence of our team and the support of our shareholders, we have successfully weathered this storm, emerging stronger and more resolute than ever.

Following the successful outcome of the Caveat Emptor designation and the rebranding to Category V Biotech, Inc, our company is eager to share its strategic vision for the future.  Category V Biotech, Inc aims to revolutionize our industry with a comprehensive and science-driven approach.

New Vision: Category V Biotech, Inc represents not merely a name change but a strategic shift with a renewed focus on creating Category V-type products both nationally and internationally, harnessing the power of science. Our objective is to leverage scientific innovation to develop groundbreaking products with a significant impact on a national scale. This evolution aligns with our commitment to pioneering advancements in biotechnology that reshape industries and enhance lives.

Foundational Approach:  To ensure the production and quality of our products remain at their pinnacle, we will adopt a deliberate and measured approach, commencing with a small-scale foundation before expanding operations.  We intend to establish secure and mutually beneficial licensing deals with individuals and entities across different states and countries, bringing in the necessary expertise and capital for successful collaboration.

Simultaneously, our team will actively seek out top talent across America for a unified national multi-state operation model.  This strategic approach, rooted in collaboration and licensing, will pave the way for a cohesive and impactful presence in the industry.

As we embark on talent acquisition, we will concurrently develop a visual plan for medical research and the acquisition of patent-based scientific formulas. With a commitment to scientific innovation, Category V Biotech, Inc aims to lead in medical research and patent-based scientific formulas. To enrich our portfolio, we will actively seek individuals and entities with valuable formulas through secure financial licensing deals or outright acquisitions.

Today marks a significant milestone in our company’s journey.  As we look ahead, our focus on science-driven innovation remains unwavering.  We are committed to creating Category V-type products that set new standards and contribute to the betterment of society.  This strategic vision reflects Category V Biotech, Inc’s dedication to becoming a leader in the national landscape, emphasizing collaboration, licensing, and innovative scientific approaches.

Future Endeavors:  Category V Biotech, Inc is poised to embark on a new era of growth, innovation, and value creation.  The company will continue to keep its shareholders informed about key developments, milestones, and the progress of its initiatives.

About Category V Biotech, Inc: (Currently known as 4Cable TV International, Inc. until change of name is completed) Category V Biotech, Inc is a forward-thinking biotechnology company committed to leveraging science and innovation to create Category V-type products with a national impact. The company is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of biotechnology and contributing to positive advancements on a grand scale.

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